Our Company

TerraCab is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of ROPS products, providing some of the most striking designs and innovative engineering solutions available on today’s market for tractors, utility vehicles, golf course equipment and commercial applications.

TerraCab has been involved in the development of projects for OEM clients from a broad spectrum of industries - providing design, testing, engineering and manufacturing services for ROPS guards, canopies, cabs and full composite bodies.  Past and present OEM clients include:  Agco, AVS, Buhler, Cushman, Cyclone, Hustler, Jacobsen, John Deere, Kubota, Land Pride, Long Tractor, Massey, Steiner, Toro and Ventrac.

Our Vision

TerraCab Industries is a global leader in design manufacturing practices creating value with purpose. Our focus is creating the best process and products as demonstrated within our brand products Boxer and Cabrio.

Our Mission

TerraCab Industries represents 50 years of trusted engineering design and manufacturing within North America. TerraCab provides all customers with an engineered product built with world class manufacturing techniques. TerraCab is dedicated to world class manufacturing as demonstrated by our long term value within each product provided to our customer.

Tribal Culture

TerraCab Tribal Culture

Quality Policy

It's Black & White

  • Make only what the Customer Wants.
  • Be thorough in Quality Checks, send only the Best Products.
  • Question Everything, Assume Nothing.
  • Ensure the Customer Comes Back, and the Product Does Not.