TerraCab believes in investing heavily in Engineering. With the opening of a second engineering office in 2014, we are poised to deliver on any customer request. Our Product Development team prides themselves in their ability to look beyond the written requirements and truly understand the customer needs.


Our OEM products typically carry forward the customer equipment’s look and feel into the cab for seamless integration, whether that be a slip on cab or full platform cab. Our Manufacturing Engineering team helps ensure we can deliver on our commitments in a timely fashion and with an unparalleled level of quality.

3D Scanner

Our engineering departments are equipped with latest in CAD software and digital data acquisition technologies. We utilize 3D scanning technology to create precise digital models to facilitate a reduced cost transition into production. We can use this technology to reverse engineer parts as needed, saving our clients costly redesign. This scanner also allows us to streamline interfacing our cabs with our clients equipment.